Friday, July 13, 2012

Jam Packing With Goodness

Rather than leaving the page count at 80 (which is what I have kept defaulting to), I’ve decided to expand Mythweaver: Legacy a little (though I’m still restricted to no more than 100 pages, so I can get that price breakoff for the print edition on RPG Now and make this quite economical for everyone); this means that I have been able to plug in a few things that were going to wait for the supplements. More game for your buck (and I mean that literally. It’s going to be a buck in pdf)!

Want to know what you’re getting that you weren’t going to?

- Psionics! Rules for psionic characters, monsters, and for adjudicating these. This also means that the Messari will finally rear their ugly heads in actual statistical form, and not just as background creatures. I particularly love that psionics are soaked (unlike other things) by Resolve... the fundamental thing that sets you apart as a heroic mortal is the thing that is toughest for the messari and their ilk to harm. It’s a great game/world synergy.
- Mass Combat. Want to hold that huge battle and get it done in an hour or two? I can help!
- More Spells. I was originally going to include a handful of starter spells to get you going. I keep writing spells up, and they keep going into the book. This has been a truly wonderful surprise, since the simplified game engine makes writing spells with unique effects easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy; the core mechanic dictates the logical direction for spells, but also leaves open a wide variety of possible effects.

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