Monday, July 30, 2012

Pricing Updates

I received my print copy of Mythweaver: Legacy in the mail today, and I think it's SWEET. It looks pretty nifty, and Lulu turned it around in just under a week. All around, I'm happy with it.

Book now in hand, I was able to go in and change distribution so you can order it through your Friendly Local Bookstore, but I also set up a 20% discount through Lulu, meaning that if you order there, you get the book for $7.96...

While I had my price slashing pen out, I also went over to RPGNow and changed the price for Resolute: Legacy to $1. On my medium-term to-do list is an update to that game to fully align it with the new Mythweaver rules. There are a few discrepancies between the rule sets (boosts/shifts work a little differently, a few abilities have been cleaned up, and rules for combat sequence have been tightened), so I'd like to have 100% compatibility between them. As is, it's about 95% compatible, but before I release a print edition of Resolute (which is in the works), I decided to clean it up first.


  1. Do you think you could write a post detailing what folks can make for your RPG because of the CC licence?

    I'm not really understanding what's allowed by reading it...