Monday, April 21, 2014

The Termite Mound and Geomorphs

For a few months, I've been wanting to create geomorphs for the inside of the Termite Mound. I've set the last few episodes of the webcomic therein, and plan to include some game stats for the mound and its inhabitants in the upcoming MTDAA Adventure Journal (trying REALLY hard to have that done by next weekend, so it's out before the end of the month). I didn't want to use standard geomorphs (square grids) for this, since I want the whole mound to be somewhat alien and menacing. The place defies straight lines and clean corners, so I needed a morph template that would push me away from that. I found two types of designs in my Google hopping: hex morphs and triangular morphs. The hex morph would break the corners somewhat, but you could still plug square rooms into the middle of the space. However, the triangles defied efforts to square them up nicely, which was what I wanted.

The first set of morphs ended up quite nifty. They do not look at all like my traditional dungeon mapping, and they feel like the mound as I've been visually developing it in the webcomic. Win-win in my book!

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