Sunday, July 4, 2021

About Being Dr. Mike

I got a Facebook notification two days ago about posting one year ago... when I got my Doctorate. I was awarded my degree on July 2, so it's been a year of having a title and not really using it. I mean, I use it at school, but pretty much nowhere else.

A few people have mentioned that maybe I should be using it here. In fact, it's kind of cool that my character is a 'doc' and I'm a 'doc', so there's that sort of natural synergy. I feel a little weird about it, but then again I worked really (really) hard to get my degree, so I may as well leverage the title. I'm going to shift over my identification on various platforms to include the title, and the minor edits I do to the core rules before releasing the print edition will include that change.

You can still call me Mike, by the way :)

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