Saturday, July 17, 2021

Tessek Lives!

This week's update is all about a certain mummy. Tessek the Terrible has ended up being a more powerful foe than I first conceived him; he starts pretty powerful, but he gets increasingly powerful as he gathers his artifacts. He could work as a big bad for a campaign, since hunting down his relics and fighting him with different power levels is on the table. Each encounter with him can be a little different. The Stalwart Age databases have been updated; his character profile is in the characters tab, and the summary of his first appearance is in the comics tab. Head over and take a look.

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  1. Hey, Mike! I've been silent, but only because I've been finalizing the PDF release of The Superverse. It went out yesterday and is on Drivethrurpg for SUPERS! Revised, Icons, BASH!, Supergame, and Champions Sixth Edition. I included the advertisement for The Stalwart Age in the back. Also, we've discussed it before, but I officially announced The Superverse: Stalwart Edition as a 2022 release. :-P

    I also picked up The Stalwart Age update and ordered the hard copy. Thanks for the discount code! I'm very excited. Okay, I'm outa time. People are showing in Zoom, so I've gotta go run tonight's session of Sentinels of Echo City. (I still need to convert them to The Stalwart Age.)

    I'll come back around and talk about how cool Tessek is some other time. :-)

    1. Awesome stuff, and so excited to see the Superverse of Stalwart Age.