Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Stalwart Age is Now Available

It’s 1984. 4th period. You should be studying for the math quiz (it’s JUST a quiz), but you’d rather talk about issue 250. The Mighty Doc Stalwart 250 came out yesterday, and it’s all any of your friends want to talk about. Of course, Dave (such a Dave) is fixating on Doc holding up that bridge. Something about the Official Stalwart Age Handbook putting his upper limit at 70 tons, but Dave’s dad said that bridge section was at least 200 tons, and he’s an engineer. Whatever. It was awesome. But not as awesome as the end. Emissary died? For real? Did NOT see that coming. But it makes sense. It feels right.

And then Marcy says she’s been home brewing her own supers game and wants to run that this weekend instead of fantasy. She wants to do an homage to issue 250, and she thinks you should play the Messenger character (maybe calling him ‘the Red Runner’. Not sure yet). You say you’re in. You’re totally in. Your parents say you can stay all day, and they give you money for pizza. Everyone is going to be there.

This is going to be EPIC.

The Stalwart Age is a superhero RPG released under the Open Game License.

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