Wednesday, June 30, 2021

July 1 is Nigh - Patreon is Now

The Stalwart Age launches tomorrow! In the interim, I've been working on my 'business plan', such as it is. I have found over the last few weeks that I LOVE doing micro content - I get an idea for a back issue and cover, or for a character, or for a short scenario... and an hour or two later I have content posted. This is the way I want to work going forward. I run into trouble when I think in terms of developing entire splat books; I get 8 or 10 pages in and run out of ideas, or don't feel like I have enough thematically to support a  whole book. However, this model

So, I've launched a Patreon to support it. I want to keep it simple - there are two tiers, and you can get early access with either tier, but you get a personal drawing of your character with the upper tier. I hope you will consider joining and supporting the game financially as it grows.

I have about ten more pages of final edits to do, and then I will be launching tomorrow - probably later in the afternoon.

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