Saturday, June 12, 2021

More Stat Blocking

I keep playing with the format of the stat block. I changed the font in the rules to Times New Roman, which is about as clean as Garamond, but which takes up a bit less space and scales a little better to my eyes. I can read TNR at 10 point, but Garamond starts to get a little too small. With that change, and some re-arranging of the stat block, I am able to compress the original down a bit to where I can get three to a page, or two with a lot of supplemental text. I like that layout options this gives me; you could put a single character profile on a page along with a lot of backstory, or fit an entire team of five along with a brief overview and history of the team on a two-page spread. 

Feedback is still more than welcome :)

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