Thursday, June 17, 2021

Time Is On My Side (Yes, It Is)

 Max over on the MeWe community board was asking about turns and rounds, and I answered... but then I thought about it, and asked if it had to be that way, and why? 

I have had time be a round of 6 seconds, a turn of 1 minute (10 rounds), and a phase being the part of the round in which your character attempts all of their actions for that round. In theory, this means that four participants would suggest phases of 1.5 seconds each... firing four arrows in 1. 5 seconds is fast, but these are superheroes.

However, I then thought about how turns are rarely going to expire. Combat is likely to last 2 to 6 rounds... so getting to round 10 or beyond is very unlikely.

However, if we switch up the time on rounds, moving them to ten seconds each, we do a few things. Now, that sequence of combat with four characters means that a phase is 2.5 seconds, which is a little more reasonable... but it also means that we change the turn (still one minute) to 6 rounds; this means that there is a much better chance that abilities refresh, effects end, and things shift mid-fight. It means you have track where things happened (if you are stunned for 1 turn at the beginning of round 2 in turn 1, you are done being stunned at the beginning of round 2 in turn 2). This makes combat more dynamic, interesting, and possibly exciting more often. That's a win. 

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