Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Clean Up and Update

 A few Stalwart Age pieces of business and updates:

  • The print edition is still nigh. I am waiting on a physical copy so I can approve it before putting it live. I just want to make sure that everything looks good in print, and that the covers are lined up, before I start selling this. There are no 'do overs' on physical books.
  • Speaking of do-overs, I will be releasing an update to the game when the print edition goes live. The update will have a few relatively minor changes (see below). There will also be a link for the discounted print edition, for those who buy (or have already bought) the pdf.
  • Stat blocks are being updated with colons instead of hyphens between the attribute and the rating (Thanks, Rick, for the suggestion). I have updated the character archive on the Stalwart Age site with corrected stat blocks. I also upgraded Ro slightly to show he truly is at the peak of measurable game attributes. He is Ro, after all.
  • I am going to add a small tweak to the focus talent. I was toying with some rules for popularity when I was writing the game, because I really like that as a concept (as well as infamy for villains), but I didn't have a good way to plug it in in an economical way, and I also didn't like how it kind of becomes redundant with CHA. I realized a few days ago that I can leverage the focus talent to give you a +3 CHA bonus when you can use your name or reputation to your advantage. Villains then can access infamy, which grants a +3 CHA bonus to use their name and reputation to intimidate or coerce. It's a nice, clean, mechanically-sound way to solve the problem. I updated Doc's stat block with this talent. I thought about doing this for Simian Prime as well, but decided against it... I don't know that his reputation is greater than just the fact that he's a talking ape in a battle suit. Popularity/Infamy should be REALLY special.
  • There's new content on the Stalwart Age Page! There's a new adventure location (Junkyard Dawg's lair) on the resources tab, and there's a stat block for Junkyard Dawg on the characters tab. Of course, if you are a patron through Patreon, you already got these a few days ago... you can sign up as a patron to get early access to new content, and also to get some behind-the-scenes looks at my thought process as we build the game together going forward.  Just this week, patrons got to see Doc Stalwart 1994, met Harvyst, got a preview of content featuring Tessek the Terrible, and got to read the next two chapters in Doc's adventures. Those things will be rolling out on the Stalwart Age site in the next few weeks. 


  1. A short while ago, on a post from long, long ago ...

    I wrote something akin to the following: "HOLY HANNAH MONTANA! I say it every time, but I step away and you go and do something AMAZING! Welp! I look forward to the new game! I'm about two weeks from finishing The Superverse, and will the dedicate some time to digesting the posts that I just skimmed. Do you know when the new game will be released?"

    It was something like that, anyway, and I wrote it only about an hour ago, when I saw how much you'd churned out in recent months. However, I was working from my phone and somehow didn't realize that I'd yet to skim ALL of your posts. I just popped in now that I'm back at my computer, and MAN! I get to be astonished all over again! I just purchased The Stalwart Age, and I can't wait to dive in. Congratulations, Michael!

    All the best,


    1. That is my super power. I know when you are looking in another direction, and then I release a bunch of stuff :) I look forward to hearing what you think of it.