Monday, January 16, 2023

Troglodytes and Such

I've decided for my initial campaign, I'm going to have a group of four heroes attack a largely-submerged fortress in a marsh. The initial foe will be troglodytes, which I have written up. The summary of the stat blocks for them follows. This was already added to the core rules document (see the link to the left for Hack'D & Slash'D resources under Version 2.0 draft). I have included my original line drawing and the finished art for troglodytes...
7.12 Troglodytes

Amphibious frog-folk, troglodytes dwell primarily in swamps and marshes. They tend to be cowardly, raiding rather than waging war. They typically live in small tribes of between ten and fifty creatures. 


Troglodyte Raider [CL 1; TR +4; Armor +3; Hits 1d6; Javelin 1d6; Amphibious; Sneak]. 5’ tall troglodyte raiders dwell in marshlands, raiding the communities of more civilized folk. They often train lizards for combat.

Troglodyte Shaman [CL 2; TR +5; Armor +3; Hits 2d6; Staff 1d6; Amphibious; Sneak; Nature Magic Tier 1]. 5’ tall troglodyte shaman act as rulers and advisors of troglodyte tribes. They are more cunning than common troglodytes.

Troglodyte Brute [CL 2; TR +5; Armor +5; Hits 2d6+5; Spear 1d12; Amphibious; Hardy]. Often as much as 8’ tall, these more primitive and brutal troglodytes often bully more common, smaller troglodytes.

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