Thursday, January 19, 2023

When Comes... the Lyndwyrm!

I'm going back to mythology and folklore for my monsters (rather than 1981), and found the lindwurm. I like him. I thought about how I might adapt this legendary creature to the game, and ways I could make him a little more related to wyverns and dragons. I started with the idea of him being a wyvern (hence the y's in his name) that lives in swamps - not as powerful as a wyvern but a good threat for a low-level party. Maybe the troglodytes keep one of these as a ceremonial symbol of their god's favor? I have included the line drawing and the original inspiration from the wikipedia page below.  

Lyndwyrm [CL 3; TR +6; Armor +6; Hits 3d12+6; Bite 1d12; Hardy; Large; Spit].

Sometimes called a ‘mud dragon’ or ‘muck dragon’, the ponderous lyndwyrm dwells in marshes, swamps, and muck. Relatively slow (-1 edge on initiative checks) the lyndwyrm can use 1 action to spit a glob of mud at one target once per turn to short range; the target must check reflex or be slowed for 1 turn. Lyndwyrm heal quickly in mud or muck (recovering 1 hit per turn). They gather treasures in their muddy pools (+1 edge on treasure checks). Their wings are largely cosmetic, since these are too weak to actually allow flight. Though not amphibious, lyndwyrm can hold their breath for up to six hours, giving them +1 edge to sneak checks when they are still in their pools.

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