Friday, August 10, 2012

A little poetry...

I'm working on my novel set in the Splintered Realm, and FINALLY figured out how to weave in the story of the Great Reckoning and the way in which the world came together. It's turning out as a sort of Rime in three parts. Here's the first part (at least in draft form) to show you how it's coming together... the novel draft itself is in the 52,000 word range right now, and I'd like to get it up past 55,000 before I try shopping it around. By the way, if you know a good agent- let me know!

I. The Great King’s Folly

There was a king
O’er mortal things
Whose palace bright did shine.
T’was coveted
so many said
For leagues a hundred nine.

He’d settled lands
And forged war bands
That stretched from sea to sea.
But this regent
Was not content
To rest ‘pon victory.

He knew above
A queen of love
Kept more for her than he.
This Queen of all
Lady Yahall
Ruled all things, even he.

Arvathon’s gaze
Through clouds and haze
Espied her Citadel.
His jealous heart
spurred wheels to start
To draw us all to hell.

For to his side
Spurned on by pride
The king did counsel call.
And told each one
When year was done
Her husband he’d be called.

Their kingdoms true
No longer two
Would now united be.
Earth and above
With binds of love
Would death itself set free.

So word he sent
And up it went
A call to marry her.
For seven days
Off’rings ablaze
They waited her answer.

And down it came
On tongues of flame
No consort could he be.
The Queen Above
All men did love
Such favor he’d not see.

But undeterred
Knowing she’d erred
The king resolved anew,
To seek her hand
Anew he planned
To make a husband true.

He’d earn his place.
He’d see her face.
He’d yet make her his bride.
In mounting rage,
Seen not this age,
He vowed to save his pride.

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