Saturday, August 4, 2012

Monster Mash: Manticores

I’ve like manticores ever since they showed up on those tiers in a chamber of White Plume Mountain, and I’ve used them regularly since then…

Manticore Gorger (50 CPs) Bite (hit +5/ dmg +9) and Tail Spikes (hit +5/ dmg +7/ range 5); Evade +3; Soak D12+2
Bite +6; Flight +3; Intuition +5; Invulnerability +2; Might +5; Prowess +3; Tail Spikes +4
Fearsome chaotic fell creatures with lionine bodies, misshapen human heads and leathery bat wings, monstrous manticore gorgers deliver a fierce bite and throw barbed tail spikes on each turn.

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