Friday, August 10, 2012

Monster Mash: Chaos Pixies

Now for a low-level threat.

Chaos Pixie (8 CPs) Pixie blade (hit +1/ damage D6+1); Evade +1; Soak D6
Flight +1; Intuition +1; Lore +2; Prowess +1
Chaos (+2), Linked to Lore
1' tall faerie folk dedicated to absolute chaos, chaos pixies delight in confounding mortals. When a chaos pixie dies, it explodes, dealing 8 wounds to all targets in the same unit; targets roll to soak this damage.

Chaos (spell trait): Once per scene, you may cast a spell on a living target in casting range, forcing the target to behave in random ways. If the spell is successful, the target either wanders aimlessly for D6 rounds (roll of 1-2 on D6), attacks an ally for D6 rounds (roll of 3-4 on D6), or performs a bizarre action for D6 rounds (roll of 5-6 on D6).

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