Thursday, August 9, 2012

Monster Mash: Grendel

Reading Grendel by Gardner with my seniors this week inspired me to go back and read through parts of Beowulf where Grendel appears... and then to stat him up for Mythweaver. I decided that he's right at the cusp of immortality. I put him at 90 CPs to show that he's far superior to Hrothgar's Thanes (treating 40 CP fighters as mooks), but up against the world's greatest mortal fighter (Beowulf just has to be 99 CPs), he's just a step behind...

Grendel (90 CPs) Two Claws (hit +8/ dmg +12); Evade +4; Soak D12+6
Amphibious (+2); Claws +5 (x2); Intuition +6; Invulnerability +6; Lore +2; Might +8; Prowess +6; Stealth +4
A fearsome humanoid, Grendel delights in inflicting pain and terror on the mortals in his lands.

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