Monday, August 6, 2012

Monster Mash: Spirit Trolls

During college, I played part-time in this ongoing D+D game of epic proportions. For some reason, I couldn't free up my afternoons on Sundays, but this group went strong for nigh on the fulls school year with somewhere in the neighborhood of ten regular players. There were several major foes of the campaign (including a beholder and vampire), but I remember most the sidekick for the beholder. He would dispatch this annoying ogre mage to pester the party, interrupt their camps, sick things on them, and generally make their lives as annoying as possible. He wasn't all that powerful, but ultimately many of the players (as far as I could tell) hated that ogre mage as much as the beholder or vampire. Okay, they definitely hated the vamp more, but that ogre mage was a close second.

It always struck me as odd that it was an 'ogre mage', because it didn't seem all that ogrey... or magey... to me. The creature always struck me as more attuned to magic than having learned it, and it always seemed a closer relation of the troll than the ogre.

Here I am to set things right at long last.

Spirit Troll (80 CPs) Two blades (hit +6/ dmg +8); Evade +4; Soak D12+3
Arms +4; Armor +2; Intuition +3; Invulnerability +2; Lore +7; Might +4; Prowess +8; Regeneration +2; Stealth +3; Two Weapons +4
Spell Talents (linked to Lore): Burst of Ice (+2); Charm (+2); Dispersion (+2)
Two blades +4; studded armor +2
A chaotic, 8' tall humanoid of devious nature, the spirit troll serves powerful masters of the Unseelie Court, undertaking secretive missions among the lands of mortals.

Burst (Spell talent). Use 1 turn to strike a target within rating range with a powerful burst of your arcane energy. This energy automatically deals rating x5 wounds to the target; the target rolls to soak this damage. You do not roll to hit or for damage; you automatically deal rating x5 wounds. If you use a Resolve point, you increase the effective rating for your casting.

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