Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monster Mash: Stone Colossus

I had a whole whack of monsters ready to go, but I'm having some compatibility issues between computers and different versions of Microsoft Word... so I can't open my files right now (grr grr grumble grumble). Never Fear! I figured I could just stat up a different monster. Ain't no thing.

Here, for your edification and enjoyment, is the Stone Colossus...

Stone Colossus (130 CPs)
Two Fists (hit +10/ dmg +10); Evade +4; Soak D12+9
Fist +5 (x2); Intuition +8; Invulnerability +9; Might +10; Non-living (+2); Poison +8; Prowess +5
The 16' tall stone colossus is an animated guardian driven by ancient, forgotten magic. It attacks with two fists each turn, or breathes a poison gas that forces the target to roll Might to soak 17 wounds per round for 8 rounds.



    Thought you might want to see the first section of your Crags of Chaos dungeon map done up in LEGO Heroica for a solo game of mine. =)

  2. That is SO cool! Thanks for sharing!