Friday, August 3, 2012

Monster Mash: Ragewood Tree

Let's keep things unconventional... today, you get the ragewood tree. It's a tree. But it doesn't like you.

Ragewood Tree (50 CPs) 10 Tendrils (hit +8/ dmg +4); Evade +0; Soak D12+4
Constriction +4; Intuition +4; Invulnerability +4; Might +8; Prowess +3; Tendrils +1 (x10)
Limitation: Permanently bound in place (-2)
Appearing as a young weeping willow, the sentient, chaotic ragewood tree waits for creatures to come near, lashing out with its tendril branches. It will use some of its tendrils to bind foes while others deliver vicious lashes. The tendrils of the ragewood can reach targets up to 3 units away.

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