Sunday, June 14, 2015

A little housekeeping

I've updated the link list on the side of the blog to reflect all of my current projects. The RPGNow side of things has seen a cleanup as well, since I have decided to only sell the games I currently support. I was very confused about what was compatible with what, especially since I had used the terms Mythweaver and Resolute for so many different games/engines/systems that it was difficult to keep track of it all, and to know what worked with what exactly. Now, I've got it down to two systems - the mechanic derived from B/X that drives Saga of the Splintered Realm and Sentinels of Echo City, and the engine that drives the Army Ants RPG. All other products have been retired... to make way for all-new material! It seems like smaller, pay-what-you-want downloads (maybe only a page or two each) are the way to go. In fact, 'one-page dungeon' format pieces are probably ideal, since I can create one of these in a few hours, and include a map, a new creature or character, a short adventure, and maybe even a new item. I can quickly grow the game in a number of directions by releasing those regularly.

Soon, I'll be cleaning up the print edition interface as well. I currently use two different vendors for my print editions, but I should really get it down to one. In general, Lulu offers slightly superior quality, and also offers hardcover books, so I have to go with Lulu. I'll be re-launching books from CreateSpace over to Lulu in the next little while, once I get the print editions for Sentinels of Echo City all done and ready to print.

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