Sunday, June 7, 2015

Everything Comes Full Circle

So this project has become a love letter to my childhood love of superhero comics, and the pieces within have become tributes to my favorite pieces by my favorite artists. I have one more to do (an homage of the John Byrne cover to FF 249 for an interior piece), but the cover was still eluding me. Instead of thinking about individual drawings, I went through a list of artists who I had wanted to grow up to be. And I realized that I hadn't included George Perez. He had some great covers. Iconic pieces. I was thinking about some of his Teen Titans covers, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and some of his Avengers covers. Just stellar stuff. All of it. So much to choose from.

And then this project came full circle.

Instead of an homage to a comic cover... I have an homage to a comic rpg cover, drawn by one of my favorite comic artists, from the time period I am trying to write a game for.

Mind. Blown.

Of course, I had to fudge the perspective on the characters a little to get them to fit (I keep looking at the drawing, and can't figure out how he got all of that visual information into the frame), and I realized that NO ONE can draw a pile of wreckage like Perez. I mean, it's unreal. I got close enough to it so that it looked like disconnected scrawling. I can't see the pattern or technique in it. But it's there. You pull back and it's suddenly wreckage. Go in close, and you can't figure out what he was thinking as he was drawing. I mean, it's like wreckage just comes out of his pencil on to the page. I have no idea how. For that matter, no one draws bricks... or buildings... or muscles... oh, man. That guy is a genius.

I'm seriously not worthy. But I wanted to at least give it a shot. I learned some things, had a fantastic time, and ended up with a nifty cover design. I hope you like it.

The book itself is 100% written, and is in need of 1 more piece of art (at least... it's a little light now, with a total of maybe 10 pieces), some editing, an index, and maybe an introductory adventure.

This thing may be done sooner than I thought!

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