Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sentinels Appendices

So I already have some stuff for appendices to Sentinels of Echo City. I'll be culling comments for the next little while and making sure I dot i's and cross t's before releasing an update to the pdf, but for the moment, I can tell you this:

Appendix A will include a brief overview of how to play exceptional people in the world of superheroes, with rules for creating an exceptional person as a player character.

Appendix B will provide an overview of Aegis Prison, along with stats for another twelve or so villains. I was going to release this as the first source book, but it feels like it fits in the core rules, and you can always use more villains, right? Unlike the ones listed earlier in the book (who are all 'at large'), these are, at least theoretically, incarcerated.

Plus, these will put the book to 128 pages total, which was my original goal!

Here are two images from the appendices: a portion of the prison complex, and one of the guards that Project Javelin has assigned here...

And thank you to everyone who has helped Sentinels of Echo City make it to #3 on RPGNow's sales chart! That was pretty exciting to see this morning.

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