Thursday, June 4, 2015

Play Testing for Sentinels of Echo City

Here’s some play testing for Sentinels of Echo City, so you can see how it’s shaping up… I didn't post the first play test results, because they were, well, pretty bad. Some powers were broken right out of the gate. This turned out better.

Tribune is taking on Gila the Monster and 2 alligators.

Tribune, Hero 7
AC 17; HD 7d6 (hp 60); Feat +11; Move 40’ (fly 250’); strike (+11/1d10+6)
STR 18 (+6); INT 7 (-); PWR 12 (+3); DEX 12 (+3); CON 16 (+5); CHA 10 (+2)
Invulnerability; Flight (100’); Leadership; Pummel (1d10)

Gila the Monster, Villain 4
AC 14; HD 4d6 (hp 30); Feat +10; Move 40’; claw strike (+6/1d8+4)
STR 14 (+4); INT 5 (-1); PWR 7 (-); DEX 10 (+2); CON 14 (+4); CHA 4 (-1)
Amphibious; Communicate with amphibians; invulnerability; Pummel (d8); Sneak

Alligator (CL 3)
AC 14; HD 3d6 (hp 10); Feat +7; Move 30’ (swim 30’); 1 bite (+3/1d8)

- The alligators wait just under the surface as Tribune enters the sewers. I will grant them surprise. They come up snapping…
- A natural 1 for the first (and fails his Feat, so loses his next action), but natural 19+3=22 for the second. That’s a solid hit. For damage, it rolls 1, and breaks a few teeth on Tribune’s skin (his Invulnerability soaks up to 5 points from every attack).
- For his action, Tribune takes a mook attack against both of the alligators, rolling 13+11=22; he grabs one by the tail and swings it into the other. Each suffers 2+6=8 damage. Tribune uses a Resolve point here, taking +1d6 to damage and dealing another +4. He knocks both alligators out.
- Tribune rolls a contested Feat with Gila to see if he notices Gila sneaking up on him. Tribune rolls a natural 1, and Gila rolls 13+10=23. Gila is all over him, taking +2 to hit. Gila leaps from the shadows, rolling a natural 20! For damage, he rolls 8 on the die, doubled to 16+4=20 points of damage. That’s the best he could possibly do. He rends his claws down Tribune’s back; Tribune’s invulnerability soaks 5 of this, but he suffers 15 hp damage, and is down to 45 points. He has to roll a Feat or be knocked back. He rolls 18+11=29. He’s just fine.
- Tribune decides to use an alligator as a found weapon, using a minor action to grab the alligator by the tail, and swinging around to cold-clock Gila with it. He rolls 14+11-2=23 to hit. Whammo. For damage, he rolls 3+5+6=14 damage; Gila’s invulnerability soaks 4 of this, so he suffers 10 hp damage, and is down to 20.
- Gila attacks with 15+6=21 against Tribune’s AC 17. He hits. For damage, he rolls 7+4=11 points. Tribune’s invulnerability soaks 5; he suffers 6 hp damage, and is down to 39.
- Tribune swings away with the alligator again, rolling 12+11=23. Smack (I feel like I need especially wet sound effects here). For damage, he rolls 10+4+6=20 points. Gila’s invulnerability soaks 4, so he suffers 16 hp damage. He needs to roll a Feat or be knocked back: he rolls 4+10=14, and fails. He is slammed against the far sewer wall, suffering 2 more points; his invulnerability soaks all of this. However, it’s time for a morale check. He rolls 6+10=16, and fails. He dives into the murky water, and makes his sneak roll (getting 12+10=22). He’s gone.
- Tribune, because he suffered fewer than half of his hit points, can recover to full health by resting for 1 turn. He does.

AND THAT, my friends, is how a super-hero game should run... at least in my mind. It was fast, a little zany, and had a cool moment (using an alligator as a found weapon) that is supported by the rules and easily implemented in play.

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