Monday, June 8, 2015

Final Tribute Piece: Wreckage

I've finished my tour of favorite artists, ending at probably the most influential of all: John Byrne. He was it for me - everything I wanted to be and do as a comic artist. Here I echo his classic cover to Fantastic Four 249. I tried to channel my inner George Perez for the wreckage across the bottom of the image and just started noodling. It actually turned out okay. On a scale of 1 to Perez, I give it a 3. Perez is somewhere around 1,215,879.

And with that, and the editing I did earlier to the section on traits (powers and skills), the game is DONE... I need to put together an index, do all my page # references throughout, and give the whole thing one more read through before publishing it. It's 114 pages, over 37,000 words, and oozing with goodness. I am excited for you to see it.

That was quick. Two weeks ago I was joking that I wasn't even going to write this thing. Buh. Dang.

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