Friday, June 19, 2015

Sentinels of Echo City: Last Call for Errata

I have finished the revision of the core rules of Sentinels of Echo City, and the print proofs should be at my door later today or tomorrow, so I'll be able to make final tweaks and re-publish the core rules pdf as well as setting up print editions this weekend.

If you have any concerns/comments/confusions about the core rules, today will be your last chance to speak before they become set in stone (or at least print) for the foreseeable future.

Just so you know, here are the corrections/adjustments I've made to the core rules:

- Cleaned up language throughout so that modifiers (as much as possible) apply to the roll and not to the target; for instance, instead of setting a target of 25 for a check, the target is (almost) always 20, with -5 to the roll. There were a few places where the moving target was more intuitive and made things much easier, but those are exceptions.

- Cleaned up the language on a handful of other traits.

- Added two appendices: rules for exceptional humans and an overview of one wing of Aegis Prison, including stats for 10 more villains (because you can never have enough villains).

- A few minor very minor tweaks (mostly grammar) throughout. I didn't change any of the math/rules/mechanics.

- Adding the link for the discounted print editions to the last page (once those are done).

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