Sunday, June 14, 2015

Origin of the ... Midnight Detective?

It’s going to be a long time before I get Zealot to the point where he’s a high-level character to play test to see how this holds up for a high-level character (although I suspect pretty well), and I’m curious anyway… here’s a character you might recognize. We’ll go with the ‘no armor’ standard comics version, instead of an armored version that could show up in movies (for example)… I have to bend the rules as written to give him 11 traits… an exceptional human hero starts with up to 8 + profession (so 9 total).

The Midnight Detective (Hero 10)  Resources 18
AC 18; HD 10d6 (hp 80); Feat +11; Move 40; Strike (+10/1d6+3)
     STR 12 (+3); INT 12 (+3); PWR 7 (-)
     DEX 12 (+3); CON 12 (+3); CHA 10 (+2)
Traits: Contacts; Driver; Martial Arts; Pilot; Profession (Detective); Pummel (1d6); Quickness; Sneak; Utility Belt; Wealth; Weapon, Trick
Talents: Expertise; Fortitude; Improved Critical; Initiative; Second Wind; Surprise Strike

His utility belt has every available item, with maximum numbers of each item from the core rules.
He carries a series of trick boomerangs (1d6, range 60’), with one each of the trick weapons listed in the core rules.

The Midnight Mobile
AC 20; HD 3d8 (24 hp); Move 900’; Control 13; Invulnerability 6
Fits only the driver and one passenger.

The Midnight Jet
AC 18; HD 4d10 (hp 40); Fly 6,000’; Control 12; Cannon (+2 to hit/1d12/500’);

2 rockets (+3 to hit/3d10/1 mile). Fits a crew of 2.

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