Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BSG and Star Trek Mashup Notes

In thinking about both Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek, I came up with these notes to guide the next layer of the game...

Valhalla's Blade, the Last Battle Carrier
The last of the Heavy Battle Carriers from the Confederate Armada, Valhalla’s Blade returned from a three-year mission to explore the Frontier to find that the Confederacy had been wiped out. They have aboard a large number of military aircraft, a contingent of soldiers of the Confederacy, and a handful of Synthoid officers.

Synthoid are mechanical life forms. They are highly logical and incredibly intelligent. They are able to perform scientific and medical feats that most living creatures are incapable of, their synthetic brains operating at the highest levels of efficiency.

Synthoid Directives:
- Life is inherently valuable, and destruction of life must be avoided when possible.
- The mind is the greatest of all faculties.
- Adherence to lawful behavior is the best means for a just society.

Synthoids were part of the Synthoid project (now defunct) that sought to create a race of creatures that would be helpful to mankind, able to process information as a computer but interact as a human being. While only a few hundred synthoids made it into circulation among the fleet, thousands more remained in stasis.

Some ideas for Synthoid abilities:
+LM to INT
Science or Medicine as an innate trait
Immune to mind control, or any power that affects the mind
Immune to undead drain, or comparable abilities
+4 to all rolls to resist poisons, toxins, disease or other maladies

Aboard Yahalla’s Blade are 24 Synthoids ready for activation who are still dormant. The captain is weighing the need to activate these, and new player characters could be synthoids who he activates, or synthoids who were recovered from other locales after they were bombed/ruined by the Messari.

Delta 13, The Rogue Synthoid

Casting off his Terran name of Gregory, this synthoid (originally called Delta 13) changed his own programming, concerned that the value of life and adherence to law were innately incompatible directives. He was the first mate on the Battle Carrier Valhalla’s Call. He killed the captain and directed the ship to attack the moon of Vessex II, destroying a Confederate weapons operation on the planet that had gone on strike over payment disputes. When the crew mutinied, he changed the atmospheric calibration to slowly suffocate the entire crew, while he was able to adjust to the lower oxygen levels. He replaced the entire crew with bots, and continues to pilot the ship, seeking to mete out law and order on a grand scale.

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