Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I had a few setting-based problems I couldn't really wrap my head around...

I know that the Messari are the big bad of the setting, and that they came through a black hole. I know that they are native to anti-matter (the Void) and their purpose is to destroy all life, because life itself brings them pain. However, I had them as masters of the Orak, who they had conscripted into their armies. That didn't really make much sense, the more I thought about it. All life would bother them, and whether that life is lawful or chaotic wouldn't matter much.

I didn't have a good role for the Nuru, and a clear idea of who they were or how they evolved.

I wasn't sure where undead fit into the setting, if at all. I was on the verge of taking them out entirely, or just having them be minor background foes.

And then I turned it around.

What if the messari had allied with fiends, and were using the undead as their minions? Now, void ships piloted by ghouls and captained by fiends could cruise through space, looking for the living with no other purpose than to destroy them? They could wield void weapons, weapons that disintegrate on a natural 20 (heroes get all sorts of protection from this - basically, if you fail a feat, something is disintegrated on you - you lose a hand, your armor, your weapon... or you could die if you roll REALLY bad). However, these void weapons are only usable BY the undead, as are their ships. Everything is powered by void energy, and this actually comes through the undead themselves, and their direct link to the other side of the black hole. The other problem is that their ships don't both with little things like life support, so if you are boarding a void ship, you'll need to be wearing a space suit.

Now, the Nuru have a place. They are the descendants of the last of the celestials who intermingled with the last of the elves, creating a new race that has some holy power, including healing, sensing, and controlling the undead. Maybe the templar have some of these things, too, since I'm thinking of them along the lines of paladins. They could do some minor healing (lay on hands?), but the healers/empaths/undead controllers are the Nuru.

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