Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More thinking on species

I'm going back to the supers game and trying to mine it for ideas for the sci fi game... for example, I could create a variety of cool races by giving them abilities from the supers game as a species... options that seem pretty obvious right off:

Energy Form. Members of the species are composed of an element or energy.
Phasing. Members of this species are able to change their density to move through solid objects.
Ki from the Absolute Power book

I see each of these four being the cornerstone of a species. These are cool abilities, although might be a little over the top in a sci fi game. I suppose if the glyn have evolved to be composed of stone, that might be cool.

Now, I could see the Nuru composed of pure light energy... or being able to phase... or having access to Ki. Any of these would make them quite a bit different from the Templar.

My perusals of the Star Frontiers book have also had me thinking about an amoeboid species, and plasticity would fit right in there.

Basically, I've already solved how these work in the game engine, so it's about looking for the right opportunities to drop them in. I don't know whether to try to keep things a little more traditional in the core rules, or just go nuts and put in a dozen different species with out there abilities.

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