Saturday, January 23, 2016

More Ships

Okay, now I'm just having too much fun. Here are a few more ships... the first two are my takes on something about the size of the SW Blockade Runner (about that size), what would have been an escort ship for one of the big Battle Carriers of the Confederacy. I see the first as a supply or medical ship, while the second would be more military in nature, but both comparable in size (maybe 700' to 1000' long). The third ship is a smaller dropship, but I could easily see these being prime candidates for retro-fitting by smugglers and mercenaries as personal craft, with jump drives bolted on and some of the troop hold filled with additional oxygen filtration so that the ship would be viable for long-term travel through space. I like the bulky look of the last one... and that it just has a single big, chunky cannon sitting on top.

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