Monday, January 4, 2016

Mysticism in Shards of Tomorrow

My original plan was to have the mystical abilities of the terran templars work almost identically to clerics in SSR... you have a progression of spells by sphere, and you get more every level.

However, I'm now leaning more towards a hybrid approach that's closer in spirit to the Sentinels of Echo City game. As a Terran Templar (or a Nuru Seeker), you have a number of castings available each day, in a number of disciplines. Here's a for instance:

As a terran templar, you can wield a number of casting disciplines each day equal to your level + your WIS modifier. You know (have access to) a number of casting disciplines equal to your Level Modifier + your WIS modifier.

Some Possible Casting Disciplines:

- Aura of Shielding (self). Create a 10' wide barrier that moves with you that grants all allies within 10' a bonus equal to your LM to AC against all ranged attacks.

- Create Sustenance (self). Use one action to create enough food and water to sustain a number of terran-sized creatures equal to your level.

- Detect Void Energy (120'). Use one action to activate sensory awareness that allows you to detect the presence and general strength of void energy for 1 turn.

- Healing Touch (touch). Use one action to restore 1d6 + level hit points to a living creature. Alternately, use this discipline to cure a malady (such as blindness) or to instantly end the effects of a poison.

- Leap (self). Use one action to take a great leap equal to your level x10'.

- Levitate (touch). Use one action to make yourself or a target you touch virtually weightless for 6 turns.

- Quickening (self). Use one action to increase your movement rate by +30' and to give yourself one extra action per round. This lasts for 1 turn.

- Resist Elements (self). Use one action to give yourself +4 to Feats against one elemental type, taking automatic half damage against the element. This lasts for 1 turn.

So, my terran templar 3 with WIS 10 would have 5 castings per day, and would have access to 4 disciplines. He might have aura of shielding, create sustenance, healing touch, and resist elements if he's more of a defensive/protective sort of guy, or aura of shielding, leap, levitate, and quickening if he's more offensively-minded.

On the other side, the Nuru would get things like bless, charm, ESP, hold person, light, object reading, sleep, cause/remove fear, warding.

I'm okay with the idea that a master templar with max WIS would have access to all available disciplines, which would mean that the game needs a total of 9 available disciplines. That shouldn't be too hard to come by...

This is more narrow in general than the spell selection in the fantasy version, but has some of the open-ended feel of the supers game.

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