Saturday, January 16, 2016

If You Choose Not To Decide, You Still Have Made A Choice

I am waffling really badly on the various options for character archetypes in Shards of Tomorrow. On one hand, I'd like for the core rules to have 6-8 archetypes that give you a wide range of options for play. On the other hand, I'd like for the core rules to give you a handful of exceptional options. Right now, here's what I'm locking in on...

Terran Mercenary. This is the jack of all trades archetype. A good selection of weapons and armor, and exceptional access to talents. If you want to be a normal human, you play a terran mercenary and customize your archetype from there.

Terran Templar. Holy knights able to wield energy in a different way from the Nuaru Seekers. I like the balance that the Templar are the warrior arm of the church, and the Nuaru Seekers are the priestly branch. They would take automatic bonuses to CHA equal to their LM. They link their casting to CHA, making them more like paladins/bards than clerics in how their powers work.

Gnorom Tinker. Descended from gnomes, they are able to thief-type stuff but also are masters at machinery and tinkering weapons and vehicles, allowing you to get more out of your stuff. They get automatic bonuses to INT.

Nuaru Seeker. Descended from celestials and elves, these are the only pure casters. They are largely clerics, with the ability to compel those of the void and cast spells just like clerics. They take automatic bonuses to their WIS equal to their LM.

Trog Warrior. Descended from troglodytes, they are the pure fighters, with heavy weapons and armor. They are amphibious and regenerate 1 hp per round. They take automatic increases to CON equal to their LM.

These are familiar enough to be easy to conceptualize, but new enough to make them fun and different. I know that this is in large part a departure from some previous thinking, but I'm trying to balance out the archetypes and spread the various abilities around to make them all fun to play.

I see a number of other racial archetype possibilities (like the amoeba people, or creatures descended from the myconids, or a goblinoid race attuned to flame), but these all seem more marginal. The five archetypes above seem most fun, versatile, and general/specific at the same time.

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