Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Need A Starship Intervention

Remember when I said I wasn't posting any more starships? I LIED!

Okay, I meant it when I said it... and then I opened MS Paint and kept playing. I absolutely LOVE how these are coming out. In order, we have...

1. A planetary aircar that would be used by local police forces for patrol.
2. A gunship of the Confederacy.
3. An Orak Interceptor.
4. An Orak Heavy Gunship.

In general, I'm seeing spaceships in this game being on the smaller side in regards to ships in sci fi pop culture. The largest ship I've designed so far is 465' long, so something on the order of the SW Blockade Runner. I suppose I view this a little more medieval in terms of starship design... we have the large ironclads that would have been around in the Civil War era, but the era of the massive battleship has not yet dawned. I'd say it would be a good campaign hook to be working on one, or trying to prevent the enemy from developing one...

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