Thursday, March 23, 2023

4:30 am Musings

If I was to populate a river near Ancient Rome with great whites and rented Evel Knievel's motorcyle for a weekend, could I theoretically cross the Rubicon while jumping the shark? 

Because, to be honest, while not a fan of AI art, this seems like the only reason it should exist. The collective creative energy of all of humanity is the only thing worthy of generating such an image.

On a complely related note, I got an idea at about 4:30 am.

What if I went full-on narrative and did to the other foundational pieces of the game what I already did to alignment - replace structure with language. Instead of lawful good, you are now noble... or faithful... or stoic. They're all flavors of how you're interpreting lawful good for your character, but they do the same thing - they guide your roleplaying choices.

Because that's what it's about. Now...

- What if instead of a class, you had a role - and that could be anything?
- And what if instead of a species, you had an origin - that, again, could be anything? 
- And then, while we're at it, let's kind of get rid of attributes altogether, eh?

Let's call it the Samewise Gamgee approach. Because, I wanna play me some Sam. That's my jam. But I've never (ever) been able to create a set of rules that truly lets me play as Samwise. I mean, he's a hobbit gardner for goodness' sake. How the F-itty-F do you play a hobbit gardner?

Easy. You play a hobbit gardner. Rather, you play a faithful hobbit gardner. Whose starting weapon is a frying pan.

I'm going to get working on 'version 3' of Hack'D & Slash'D. See you in a bit with an update.


  1. It's funny you should write this today. I've been thinking about playing a game in the world of "The Hobbit" and looking a various game systems that would work. Barbarians of Lemuria is more or less my favorite RPG. It's not really made for a Hobbit style adventures. But I was thinking, how would I modify the system to fit Sam Gamgee?