Monday, March 27, 2023

Inching Closer to Publication

I'm getting a little closer to publishing the revised ruleset for Hack'D & Slash'D, and you can tell I'm very close because I created a character sheet today. That's usually my 'tell' that I'm feeling like the rules are pretty far along. It's a simple, clean character sheet for a simple, clean game.

I've also drafted the text for DriveThruRPG, so that's another tell that I'm getting close. April 1 seems like a good target for a release date - I want to do a little bit of high-level group roleplaying with some more significant monsters to test out some other abilities and magic in more depth, but beyond that I think I'm near the edge of ready.


  1. What mewee group are you in?
    And how difficult is it to publish with Drive Thru?

    1. I'm not in any Mewee groups (that I participate in)... and publishing on Drive Thru is not very hard. I signed up with them when it was RPGNow, and my account migrated over. It's been maybe fifteen years that I've been publishing there, so I don't know what the process is like now getting started. At first, I had to register, pay a fee (maybe $40) and have my first few projects approved before they went live. Now, I just enter the information and upload files. It's a quick process now, but I've been doing it a while.