Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Clean Up

Upon further reflection, I’ve modified some of the starting gear for characters, and adjusted damage for fixed damage. I changed the rules for hits (they are no longer rolled), and I also realized that each character was one point shy on their attributes, and adjusted accordingly. Stat blocks keep getting cleaner and simpler, which I like. Monster stat blocks that I'm working on are ending up VERY lean.
·       All characters start with a simple weapon (damage 2). If this is a heavy weapon, the hero can add MGT to that damage; a simple ranged weapon has a range of 30’.
·       Starting armor is nothing for a mystic (armor 0), padded armor for a rogue (armor 1) or ring mail for a warrior (a low-quality heavy armor rating 3). Leather is going to be armor 2; studded leather is going to be armor 3; chainmail will be armor 4; plate mail will be armor 5.
·       None of the starting gear has any market value; these things cannot be traded in as credit towards the first upgrade.
·       Replacing any of these weapons, or purchasing an additional weapon, costs 3 gp.
·       Skarn’s gauntlets were too much of a game changer. I’ve changed them to lesser gauntlets of might that grant +1 to might.
·       I’ve changed the honey so that a drop restores 3 hits. This makes it a slightly less powerful magic item, but more suitable for a level 1 character. I’m thinking a standard healing spell will restore 5 points per mana spent (as of my current thinking), so this is a little less powerful than a standard healing spell.
Grubs - sly human rogue 1 (205 XP)
Armor 3; Hits 7; Move 40’; 2 dirks (2); simple crossbow (2/30’)        
      INT 3; MGT 0; PER 0; REA 2; REF 4; STA 2
Two weapons; sneak; thievery; +1 to primary damage if attacking a foe from side/behind.
Studded leather armor; adventurer’s pack; tool kit; 8 gp
Mim - insecure gnome mystic 1 (215 XP)
Armor 0; Hits 6; Move 30’; dirk (2); Sling (2/30’)
      INT 2; MGT 0; PER 2; REA 4; REF 2; STA 1
Lore (+1 when checking journal regarding Castle Vulkan)
Traveling robes; adventurer’s pack; 24 gp
Skarn - grizzled dwarf warrior 1 (195 XP)
Armor 3; Hits 9; Move 30’; Heavy Footman’s Axe (7) + Quality Hand Axe (3)
      INT 0; MGT 5 (4); PER 1; REA 0; REF 2; STA 4
Two weapons; Check level on a successful attack for bonus attack (primary weapon only)
Ring mail armor; adventurer’s pack; lesser gauntlets of might (+1); 19 gp
Vessa - noble elf warrior 1 (205 XP)
Armor 4; Hits 8; Move 40’; Heavy blade (4); Sling (2/30’)
      INT 1; MGT 3; PER 3; REA 0; REF 1; STA 3
Shield Bearer (can share shield within 10’); check level on a successful attack for bonus attack
Ring mail armor; shield; adventurer’s pack; 1 vial holy water; 1 antidote; 4 gp
Vial of bees’ honey; each drop restores 3 hits (12 drops left)

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