Saturday, March 25, 2023

Delvers of Daggerford at Level 2 Redux

The Delvers of Daggerford got a soft reboot based on the myriad changes I've made to the core rules.  I like all of the changes - the stat blocks are a little bit cleaner, the numbers feel a bit more balanced (Skarn is about as maxed out for warrior damage as he can be, and it's still reasonable), and I really like the new tags and the way that magic is layered in as a tag rather than having it be linked to one 'class'. Regarding class, that's the biggest upgrade to me; none of these characters has a generic 'class', and already I feel the benefit of this choice. I've decided that battlesinger is a dwarf thing because they all sing together on the battlefield; a bunch of dwarves all getting natural 12s and sharing these with each other through song is a pretty cool concept, and would make a dwarf battle group quite powerful; the group is always giving points to the lead dwarf in the fight, who's getting natural 12s on every action due to the influence of the song they're all singing. Also, my expectation is that Grubs is now going to be dealing HEAVY damage; he is sniping for 7 points against foes who don't focus on him. That's as much as Skarn hits for with his axe. This might be unbalanced; he'll be hitting for at least 12 damage when he gets to level 6. I mean, I guess that is assassin material, but DANG. It is also going to make foes want to focus on him a lot more... which is part of the reason he has some might to give him the extra hits.

Grubs - sly human scoundrel 2 (50 XP) 8 gp
Armor 2; Hits 14; Move 40’; shortsword (4) or quality crossbow (5/120’)    
Might 2; Mind 0; Reflex 5 
Archer (+1 to hit with ranged); Assassin (+2 to damage when not primary target); Stealth (+1 edge to sneak); Thievery
Studded leather armor; adventurer’s pack; tool kit
Mim - insecure gnome mythweaver 2 (50 XP) 4 gp
Armor 0; Hits 10; Move 40’; dirk (2); Footman’s Sling (2/60’)
Might 0; Mind 5; Reflex 2  
Mysticism (Common Magic; Arcane Magic; Mentalism); Persona (+1 edge to influence)
Traveling robes; adventurer’s pack; 2 potions of mana (restores 1 mana)
Skarn - grizzled dwarf battlesinger 2 (50 XP) 11 gp
Armor 3; Hits 22; Move 40’; Heavy War Axe 6 (7) + Hand Axe 2 (3)
Might 6 (5); Mind 2; Reflex 0
Brawler (+1 melee damage); Inspire (1 natural 12/minute); Two weapons (1 offhand attack); Warrior (+1 to hit)
Chain mail armor 3; adventurer’s pack; lesser gauntlets of might (+1); 1 vial oil of enchantment
Vessa - noble elf lightbearer 2 (50 XP) 4 gp
Armor 4; Hits 16; Move 40’; broadsword (5) or Sling (1/30’)
Might 3; Mind 3; Reflex 1  
Defender (+1 edge armor checks); Guardian (+1 to armor/can share shield); Mystic (common magic; light magic)
Chain mail armor 3; shield; adventurer’s pack; 1 vial holy water; 1 antidote;
Vial of bees’ honey; each drop restores 3 hits (4 drops left); 1 vial oil of enchantment

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