Wednesday, March 15, 2023

A Hack'D & Slash'D core rules update

Hack'D & Slash'D 2.0 has a first draft done. It's been a working draft for some time, but I've gone through and added the missing pieces, organized and streamlined the whole. The game is 'complete', although the monster section is admittedly pretty light. I'm going to keep adding monsters as I go, but the rules otherwise are (I think) pretty complete. I re-structured magic a little bit (in terms of the available magical types and where spells are listed), added a few tags, gave mystics an extra tag, revised the weapon and armor ratings/rules, and I think fixed damage to the new fixed system. It's still got a ways to go until it's ready for publication in some way, but it's a solid draft that is quite playable (and I hope enjoyable). I'm going to take it out for a spin (maybe this evening) and update the actual play thread when I do.


  1. Oh, a draft! I hope I'll have time to look it over.

  2. I keep tweaking it, but it's still pretty solid. I have a lot of monsters to add, but I don't think I'm going to be doing any big changes to it from this point forward.