Sunday, March 12, 2023

Delvers of Daggerford Session 1 Reflection

 Upon reflecting on yesterday’s session and tinkering with the rules, I’ve got a few takeaways:

  • I keep forgetting about the warrior’s ability to claim a second attack on a successful attack! I’m not sure why I don’t remember that - it’s kind of THE warrior ability. I had two warriors on the adventure, and they both hit a few times, so the odds of getting a second shot in were actually pretty good - that would have skewed things a little bit in favor of the heroes. Okay. Note to self: remember that!

  • I’ve tinkered with the rogue a little bit to give him the benefit of getting a level bonus to damage any time a foe is not targeting you directly; I’ve always found the mechanism of ‘sneak attacks’ tricky in practice - you use your sneak attack, but then try to sneak again? LIke your foe wouldn’t see you? I like that smarter foes are going to realize that you’ve got to go after the rogue, while fighters keeping the foe busy while rogues stay off to the side and take cheap shots is more on brand, and easier to adjudicate.

  • I did a total rewrite of the XP rules on the fly, and the more I think about them, the more I like them. I upped the numbers to be closer to the B/X structure, but all XP comes from encounters. There’s no link between XP and treasure, because I feel like that can easily upend the whole XP structure; you clear out a dragon’s hoard, and suddenly you all gain two levels. Not in MY game!

  • I really like how I'm creating the dungeon as I go - I have a log book that has a small graph paper area and lots of room for notes. These are very messy looking, but each page will effectively be a 'five room dungeon' part of the larger dungeon complex. I haven't worked in pencil and paper format for a while, and it feels more old school to be back in there...

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