Saturday, March 11, 2023

Delvers of Daggerford

I made some changes to the rules and then created four characters for Hack’D & Slash’D 2.0 to playtest the rules and to build a big dungeon crawl… and to give myself something to do. I gave them a little bit of extra starting gear and zeroed out their starting cash for simplicity’s sake.

I figured that would be it, but then I ended up playing for a few hours this afternoon, and started an actual play log. As per usual, I record a LOT of information as I solo play. It helps me keep track of what's happening if I write it down... and it helps later with analysis. You can follow the play experience right here.

The Delvers of Daggerford 

Vessa - noble elf warrior 1

Armor 3; Hits 8; Move 40’; Sword (1d6+3); Sling (1d6, 60’)

   INT 1; MGT 3; PER 3; REA 0; REF 0; STA 3

Shield Use

Chainmail armor; shield; adventurer’s pack


Grubs - sly human rogue 1

Armor 1; Hits 6; Move 40’; 2 daggers (1d6); light crossbow (1d6, 60’)   

   INT 2; MGT 0; PER 0; REA 2; REF 4; STA 2

Two weapons; sneak; thievery

Leather armor; adventurer’s pack; too kit


Skarn - grizzled dwarf warrior 1

Armor 3; Hits 10; Move 30’; Heavy Axe (1d6+4) + Hand Axe (1d6)

   INT 0; MGT 4; PER 1; REA 0; REF 1; STA 4

Two weapons

Chainmail armor; adventurer’s pack


Mim - insecure gnome mystic 1

Armor 0; Hits 7; Move 30’; Dagger (1d6); Sling (1d6, 60’)

   INT 2; MGT 0; PER 2; REA 4; REF 1; STA 1

Traveling robes; adventurer’s pack

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