Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Delvers of Daggerford Session 3

Look at me! I'm still playing and have now done three sessions with these characters. Am I thinking about other characters I'd like to play? Yes. Am I thinking about starting a different group, or maybe a solo game? Of course I am. Am I doing what I can to follow through with this group for a bit? Yes. Yes I am.

That said, I like the changes to the rules and how they've cleaned up combat. Combat goes quite a bit quicker now, but there's still a good amount of variety (and almost more) to combat. I realized that starting weapons are pretty lame, but that's good - they're starting weapons. I think that the upgrades I've just made to the characters will already make them a bit more formidable, even though they are still only level 1. If they had managed an extra 150 gold or so, they'd be REALLY well off. As is, they're in pretty good shape. They have already discovered a few ways to get either up into the castle or down to deeper levels, and they have a small section of this area to still explore (F, G, H), and the western staircase (from A) that I haven't drawn a map for yet. Not sure what'd down there... 

Looking forward to session 4, and hoping they start getting some real momentum towards level 2. They are a little over a third of the way there. Progress feels a little slow, but since the game only really goes to level 6, it's okay if they linger on levels for a little while. By level 3, they will be a pretty formidable group (if I or they make it that long).

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