Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Heck It All To Heck - Megadungeon Edition

I've been reading about megadungeons and thinking about megadungeons and writing about megadungeons. And I came to the realization that I was making a dungeon complex, but it wasn't really a megadungeon. Not really and truly. So, hecking it all to heck, I've decided to actually make a megadungeon. For real. I merged all of the maps I've been working on into one big map, added some connective tissue, and filled in some areas with what I would call in LEGO terms some 'greebling'. I present to you the first go-round of my map for level 1 of the Halls of Moridis. My thoughts are that level 1 is the smallest (a little over 100 encounter areas), level 2 would be about twice this big (maybe 200 encounter areas) and level 3 would be larger still (maybe 300 encounter areas). This would give the entire dungeon about 600 keyed encounters... this section would be for level 1-2 fellowships, and have creatures as high as level 4. You may have to get some more gear and upgrade a bit before facing some of the foes here if you're just starting out.  

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