Sunday, July 23, 2023

Of Cupcakes and Dice

In thinking about Cupcake Scouts 2E, here are some things I'm mulling over:

Full disclosure: I had written a REALLY long and complicated analysis of moving from 1d12 to 2d6, only to discover at the end that there are lots of good reasons I don't like 2d6. While there are some cool wrinkles (I like the idea that edges give a pool of dice, and you pick the most favorable or unfavorable 2 depending on whether it's positive or negative), the 1d12 is just better all around. And, it's such a cool and under-appreciated die.

All hail the dodecahedron. 

That said, here are some considerations for Cupcake Scouts mechanically vs. Hack'D...

I don't think you have armor per se. That's not a thing. I would lean a bit more into the three traits as soaking damage; I'd use might instead of armor (since might sets the maximum rating for armor, it sort of ends up being the default anyway). If I have might 4, I'm doing everything I can to be able to purchase armor 4. Cupcake Scouts doesn't have the same sort of scaling of economics and gear. You aren't constantly trying to upgrade your gear; you collect relics that can increase your power, and potions that give power ups, but you are not getting a +1 dagger, and a +1 shield, and boots of speed, and gauntlets of might... you could end up carrying the dagger of shattered dreams, but that's a pretty special item and you want to keep it very safe. There are no generic magical items. You don't collect gold and spend it to get gear. The game needs an economy for sure, but that economy has to be something different than the economy in a traditional fantasy setting. This means that all supernatural abilities target either mind or reflex to make those important for all characters; you resist indirect magic (charms, control, etc) with mind, but you resist physical supernatural damage and all areas of effect with reflex. To summarize:

- If it deals physical damage to you directly, check might to resist (poisons are still here, as are all physical attacks from weapons and natural abilities such as claws and bites).

- If it deals mental damage, or affects your five senses, check mind to resist (petrification, charms).

- If it deals magical damage or affects you indirectly, check reflex to resist (most spells like bolts and bursts, breath weapons, elemental damage like from fire).


  1. I actually did a version of Cupcake scouts that used the OneDice system. All hail the six-sided dice! ;)

    1. Yeah. My next post is leaning that way... as you'll see.