Sunday, July 23, 2023

Cupcake Scouts Revised?

First of all, my Surface Pro is on its last legs - I'm going to be intermittent for the next week or so as I transition to a new device... I love the surface pro, but I also will be looking around for a cheaper option that gives me the ability to do what I love to do. It's not too crazy: I do my drawing in Microsoft Paint, so I need access to Paint (or a really close clone of it) to keep doing my work. I like the tools I like, I guess. If I had to give up Microsoft Word and do layouts in Google Docs, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I've become a fan of simpler game layouts anyway, so that is doable.

However, I've also been tinkering with my LEGO City, and have fallen in love with the pick a brick wall at my relatively local LEGO store. I was trying to decide on a theme for my city, and had some buildings that were more modern, and some more medieval, and I realized that this was the vibe of the town of Wyvern's Hollow from the Cupcake Scouts world I had tinkered with. 

Then, while mowing the lawn (of course) I was thinking how the Hack'D & Slash'D system would port incredibly well to the Cupcake Scouts setting. Then I realized that the megadungeon I am working on could easily sit under Wyvern's Hollow, and Moridis could become the 'big bad' of the world of the Cupcake Scouts. I could keep doing everything I'm doing, just shift it sideways a bit into a more distinctive milieu. I was already thinking about how I could make some tweaks to the game to have advacement tied directly to earning badges, and earning badges tied more directly to the tags. I mean, the simplist way to think of this is that you need to earn 25 xp (or something) to earn a badge; each badge unlocks a tag; when you earn so many badges, you advance to the next level; you might need +2 badges for level 2, +3 badges for level 3, etc. I would layer in increases to your core stats (might, mind, reflex) as badges you could earn, putting these on the same economy as other abilities. I might have to scale the tags back a little bit, just so that you can maybe have two versions of each (basic and advanced) that give you different and increasing bonuses in the game. 

Oh, and the LEGO Rivendell would represent the wood elves that well in the forest to the West of Wyvern's Hollow, so I can always just plunk that into my layout when I convince Mary that this is a worthwhile $500 investment. Considering I have to now purchase a new computer, that might be a bit of a stretch...


  1. Id love to see more Cupcake Scouts! I did a system rewrite myself!

  2. Really? Wow. Okay, then. Thanks for the support! (And, I'm really curious how you re-wrote it)...