Tuesday, July 11, 2023

New Delvers of Daggerford: Session Zero

I have decided to make a team of three characters to actual play through my mega dungeon. I want something of a tank, a caster, and a thief/archer. I go with a stoutling with blade and shield as the tanker (hoping he can also deal some damage, but his primary role is to absorb damage for the team), a caster (who is primarily offensive, but will be able to heal as well through her signature spell), and a scout/thief/archer. I go with my moon elf for the mystic, and decide to make a narglyn (half goblin) for my thief (sort of an underground ranger is how I’m picturing him). I also decide to add a new weapon, darts, to the game. I am tempted to go with luck for two of the characters, but decide to try characters without that and see how they do. Luck was really vital for a solo character, but with a team of three, I have more versatility and can offset a missed roll here and there. I decide that all three have traveled together to Daggerford for the express purpose of exploring the megadungeon. I can actual play through a lot of the content I create for the dungeon as a result. The Sunken Chambers will be the area they explore first.

I've strarted a Google Doc where I'm crafting the megadungeon. I have four maps done, and notes for several locations. I will keep updating this as I go, and plan to eventually release it as a finished product and companion piece to the core rulebook.

New Weapon: Darts. Although thrown weapons, darts rely on reflex rather than might. Darts deal 1 damage, and come in a collection of 3 for 1 gold.

Aria - Studious Moon Elf Mystic 1

Armor 0 (2); Hits 5; Move 60’; Spell or Dart (1/20’)

Body 0; Mind 4; Reflex 2

Lore; Mystic (Common, Arcane); Spellcraft (arcane magic) 

Signature Spell: Healing Word 

Starter Pack; Alchemist’s Oil; 6 Darts

With an insatiable desire to learn more, Aria cannot help but explore.

Gar - Fastidious Stoutling Guard 1

Armor 2; Hits 12; Move 40’; Dagger (2) + Shield (1)

Body 4; Mind 1; Reflex 1

Fortitude; Guardian; Two Weapons; Warrior

Starter Pack; Leather Armor; Shield; Dagger (2)

A serious and meticulous watchman, Gar has forgotten how to smile.

Nil - Sly Narglyn Scrounger 1

Armor 1; Hits 6; Move 40’; Sling (2)

Body 1; Mind 1; Reflex 4

Archer; Sharpshooter; Stealth; Thievery

Starter Pack; Leather Armor 1; Sling 1; Tool Kit

Having a particular love of jewels, Nil embraces both his goblin and human heritages.

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