Sunday, July 30, 2023

Cupcake Scout Sash Design

I'm going to be putting together a resources page (with a link on the left) for various Cupcake Scouts links and resources... and one of those is going to be to sashes you can color in. This is the first sash in what I expect to be a series of sashes that you can color. The idea is that you print these out, color in squares as you kill these monsters, and then color the badges as you complete the task and earn the badge. Badges are how you advance in the game, so keeping track of what badges you have credit towards in pretty important. You could just keep a list of badges you are working towards on a looseleaf sheet of paper, and then just keep tallies next to them - but what fun is THAT?! 

Going to print one of these bad boys out before I keep going with my actual play experience.

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