Saturday, July 1, 2023

The Marshalled Lands Need a Marshal

In thinking about the kind of guy who would call himself the High Marshal and would name a place and pay for a map and do all of this, I was reminded of the drama that played out in Russia in the last week, and thought about the kind of guy who'd be 'in charge' here. He is Abran, the High Marshal. He doesn't like the word 'tyrant'. It's such an ugly word. He's simply 'called'. Who else bears the sword Justicar? Who else has held counsel with the Iron Dragon? Who else has spilled blood on the edge of the Shadowed Vale and lived to tell of it?

Nobody. That's who.

And that is why he is called to Marshal the Broken Vale. 

And Marshal it he will.

Note: I've included the final wash drawing and the line drawing. Also, fun fact: if you look up 'lawful netural' in the dictionary, it's just a picture of this guy. 

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