Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Cupcake Scouts: Monster Stat Block

I've been working on Cupcake Scouts like I tend to do, and I'm making mad progress. I'm really happy with how the game looks. I'm leaning towards a 48-page rulebook, but we'll see. I've made a LOT of changes from first edition, and this game is much more well-rounded, with many, many more options. As a for instance, I have broken down gems into lesser (available starting at level 1) and greater (available at level 3) gems, so there's more character progression built into the system. It's still intentionally narrow - you're building a Cupcake Scout and going on Buffy and Supernatural type adventures. There's a big bad who is always in the background. Within that framework, there is still a lot of cool stuff and variety. 

Anyhow, for today I thought I'd share a monster stat block. I've written about my love of brevity in stat blocks, and this is no different. I present the draft of the stat block for the Salamander. A few well-prepared level 2 scouts should be able to tackle this guy, but they have to be careful in doing it... and, yes, I am using a few pieces from Hack'D & Slash'D that I am coloring and adding a few flourishes to. I figure that I can't do a better salamander drawing than this one, so I may as well just go with it.

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