Sunday, April 23, 2023

A Sky Stalwart Update

I've been working on all things Sky Stalwart on and off this weekend, and updated a few things. I re-colored him in darker purples (because I liked that better, and it fits his LEGO figure better)... I also added to his Cormorant LEGO set (it's almost done), and created a stat block in Shards, using the streamlined character creation rules I plan to roll out in Dispatches from the Pale #2. I ALSO threw together a sample comic page - this is pretty rough, but I like the vibe, and I might end up re-drawing this as an 'official' page of his comic series. As is, this might be archived as the 'draft' Raymond Alexander did... or something. Anyhow, here's some stuff to look at! (The cockpit has his space helmet, his phase pistol, and a jet pack... the cockpit detaches as a pod for exploration apart from the main ship... it's a whole thing).

Sky Stalwart - The Man Who Fell From Earth; Clever Human Explorer 4

AC 19 | Hits 30 | Feat +10 | Move 3 | Resolve 4d8

Phase Pistol (x4 | +6 | 1d8) (stun setting)

STR 10 (+1) | INT 16 (+2) | WIS 10 (+1) | DEX 10 (+1) | CON 10 (+1) | CHA 12 (+1)

Attack +1; Attribute Focus (INT); Defense +2; Expert (Physics); Fortitude; Gadgeteer; Hacking; Resolute; Vehicles 

Belief: Life should always be protected.

Omni Suit (grants AC +2; acts as enviro suit and vac suit)

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