Thursday, April 6, 2023

Adventures and Visibility

Going forward, I have two goals for Hack'D & Slash'D:
1. Build a community of players
2. Continually create new content

That seems pretty straightforward, but there are a thousand ways to skin a cat (or to fillet a dragonet... or to dessicate a dwarf). The keys to this are frequent releases with high visibility. That means I have to have new stuff posted to DriveThruRPG a lot. I post to my blog almost every day (sometimes, like today, more than once a day), but I'm here in a little corner of the internet, and a few of you come by routinely, but I'm largely hidden from the greater game community. DriveThru is the only place where I can get a large number of eyeballs on my stuff.

I like the idea of the living bestiary and living companion. Those seem like the second-tier resources, but since I'm always going to be updating them, they really cannot be 'releases' on DriveThru. I love the Dragon Magazine model (here are three articles - one on dwarven weapons, one with some monsters, and here's a short adventure), but that model doesn't align with my 'other' model, which is the ongoing updates to the bestiary and companion documents. So, the living documents stay as the second tier (the first tier being the core rulebook, which is the only thing that people are expected to pay for).

The third tier then should be 1-2 page adventures. These would not include monster stat blocks (since the link will be in the document to the stat blocks).

Here's the idea for how to organize this right now:
- A series are for level 1 groups. These use the '5-room dungeon' model. I already have the first two of these done.
- B series are for level 2 groups. These use the '5-room dungeon' model.
- C series are for level 3 groups. These use the '5-room dungeon' model.
- D series are for level 4 groups. These use the '5-room dungeon' model.
- E series are for level 5 groups.  These use the '5-room dungeon' model.
- M series are for the Vault of the D'Ro (M is for Megadungeon). These would be numbered by level. The picture at the top of this post is level 1 of that dungeon, and I just finished the drawing for level 2. I would like to get these out pretty quickly.